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About Art Baner 

art-bio-pic-home-page1Art Baner is a certified teacher of Yang Style Taijiquan, meditation, and qigong. He has practiced martial and healing arts for more than thirty years and brings to his work a deep passion for personal development as a path to global peace. Art’s background in the internal arts includes thorough training in qigong, Taijiquan, Wing Tsun, Inyegar and Kripalu Yoga, meditation, and extensive inquiries into practical spirituality and human potential. He also has over twenty years experience in multi-disciplinary healing work and maintains a thriving practice as a somatic bodyworker in Bellingham, Washington. Art is the author of a home study course called The Heart of Qigong, a self-published newsletter called The Upward Spiral, a training manual for Tai Chi students and various other writings on philosophy, politics, and spirituality. His works in progress include a book on mastering practice and an upcoming DVD on Zhan Zhuang qigong and the Eight Pieces of Brocade. Art lives and works in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys practicing and hiking in the nearby Cascade Mountains.

About Full Circle Internal Arts

I am convinced that we all have a vast, profoundly life affirming potential. Each of us has the ability to realize levels of awareness and skill that can literally transform the world around us. Indeed, we do so on a daily basis, but seldom to the degree that we are capable of. The purpose of Full Circle Internal Arts is to explore and empower this potential. The practice of internal martial and healing arts offer us uniquely powerful ways to cultivate our true nature, to uplift our communities, and ultimately to bring more peace and healthy sustainability to the world. 

FullCircleArts.net is being developed as a growing resource for my friends and students. In the weeks and months ahead expect to find a growing library of document and video files, an online store for high quality training materials, my IA blog, and much more… Feel free to drop by often and send me any thoughts or suggestions you might have. 

About My Teachers 

I have been blessed with many extraordinary teachers. I am deeply grateful for each one. 

Dani Riggs
I began my study of Taijiquan and qigong in Bellingham, Wa with my first instructor Dani Riggs. Dani has been teaching Taiji for more than 20 years and is a highly accomplished student of Master Fong Ha. One of the many practical and valuable lessons I learned from Dani, was to approach the art of Taiji with a focused mind and a light heart. For me, this remains one of Taiji’s greatest gifts and deepest lessons. Dani and I continue to practice together from time to time and much of it is spent laughing and enjoying the process immensely. Dani currently teaches privately from his home and at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham. 

sam-sword-2Sam Masich
I have received the majority of my Taiji education from my teacher Sam Masich. I consider him my main influence in the art and the majority of what I teach comes from time spent with him and his students. I had the good fortune to meet Sam after I had already been practicing Taiji and qigong for a number of years and his instruction deepened my understanding in many unexpected and enjoyable ways.

Sam is a treasure in the internal arts community having contributed uncommonly clear analysis of core principles and practice as well as demonstrating those principles in exceptional expressions of practical skill. One of the most useful aspects of his teaching is a concept he calls “connective material”. Through connective work he shows how the various aspects of training are built upon, supported by, and expand upon each other. This creates an approach to Taijiquan that is genuinely wholistic, intelligent, and thoroughly beneficial as a means of self cultivation. He can be reached from his website at www.sammasich.com.

Chantal Fafard
Chantal is another excellent practitioner and an articulate, patient teacher. She introduced me to Taiji saber and helped me a lot with my understanding of bare hand form and proper coordination. She is also a dedicated student of hatha yoga. She is seen here practicing a two person sword form with Sam.
I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.  


Diane Kehoe
I consider Diane a Taiji purist in the best sense of the word. Her attention to detailed articulation of movement and proper adherence to Taiji principles is always an inspiration.
Very active in the Taiji community as a teacher and judge in competitions, Diane has contributed much to the art and to her students. My form and tuishou have improved significantly from time spent with her. Here she is practicing by a lake with Michael Blackburn, one of my good training buddies.