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Taiji and Qigong Classes

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Taijiquan: Learning the 5-Section Form
This beginning level class explores the abbreviated solo-form created by Sam Masich. It is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi and makes all later studies of this art form easier and more enjoyable.
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Dynamic Qigong I: Mastering the Basics
This class begins with the basic principles that make the discipline of qigong enjoyable and effective. Zhan Zhuang qigong and the Eight Pieces of Brocade are then taught with an emphasis on establishing a successful personal practice. This popular morning class is also a great way to start the day!



Taiji Core Principles

This brand new series looks at the principles that makes Taiji what it is – an advanced system of self defense, healing, and personal development. We’ll look at breathing, relaxation, and focus in movement and in stillness. We’ll explore each of the Taiji’s 37 postures in detail. And we’ll begin to explore the coordinated flow that leads one posture to another in preparation for the traditional long form. This is a perfect series for those just beginning their study of Taiji and for experienced folks wishing to further refine their practice.
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Taijiquan 108 Movement Solo Form
A thorough presentation of the 108 Long Form. Solo practice is followed by tuishou practice focusing on the traditional 1-8 drills and 4 Hands.


Taiji Jian (Sword): Solo and Partner Training
Exploring the 54 movement Taiji Jian solo form and two person sword practice. Prior Taiji experience required as Taiji sword builds upon a solid foundation of bare hand fundamentals


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