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buddha_by_xanderkingI think its fair to say that meditation is the most internal of the internal arts. 

While Taiji and qigong can be said to be forms of moving meditation, we are still quite body focused. 

With meditation, we align, relax, and breathe so as to expand our awareness beyond the perceived limitations of the body. 

This can be very healing as our world is currently obsessed with body issues. Business, culture, relationships, politics, sports, etc. – all are wrapped up in concerns for the body as if there was no more to human existence than these temporary physical forms.

The practice of Meditation suggests, “Ah… but we are so much more and we need not wait for some other world to discover the deeper secrets of the human spirit.”

Personally, I see meditation as the foundation for the rest of the internal arts. Consistent, soulful practice can create a more genuine context from which our other practices can emerge with greater meaning and effectiveness.

The forms and approaches to meditation are vast. They vary from focusing on a tone, word, symbol or concept to the rich and endless uses of the imagination. In future posts, I’ll present some easy and effective ways to start and recommend some good resources for going further. 

We’ll also discuss some specific types of meditation that dovetail nicely with other Taiji practices. 

Much more to come… :)