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morning qigong pdf series

Hello everyone. This is where I will post a series of pdf files that relate to the material we are working on. It is not required reading, but I believe you will find a lot of useful information. The attached pdf’s are taken from a book in progress called Exploring the Heart of Qigong. There should be at least six in this series over the next 8 weeks. Thanks, and happy practicing! ~ Art

1. morning qigong 1- introduction to qigong

2.Video of the 8 Pieces of Brocade
This is an older video and not exactly as I teach and practice it now, but its close enough to assist in learning (and remembering) the choreography.

3. morning qigong 2 – zhan zhuang foundation

4. morning qigong 3 – the magic of posture

5. morning qigong 4 – conscious breathing

6. morning qigong 5 – dynamic relaxation


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