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new tai chi series beginning May 7th!

Tai Chi Chuan: Exploring Structure, Flow, and Energy
Join us for this enjoyable approach to learning essential Tai Chi principles and core exercises. We will take an experiential, energy building approach to learning the fundamentals and how they can be applied in both formal practice and in daily life. This is an excellent course for both beginning students and more experienced practitioners who want to deepen their understanding and application of core work.

You’ll develop deeper qualities of:
* Structural Balance
* Conscious Breathing
* Dynamic Relaxation
* Spatial Awareness
* Coordinated Movement
* Mental Focus, and more.

You’ll learn:
* The Tai Chi walking Set
* Ten Essential Points of Yang style Tai Chi
* The fundamentals of stance and basic Taiji postures
* And two sets of Tai Chi qigong exercises that both invigorate and prepare the student for the traditional solo form that follows.

: Series begins on Tuesday, May 7th and runs for 8 weeks.
Time: 7:15 – 8:30 P.M.

: Inspire Studio – 1411 Cornwall Avenue, 2nd floor

: 90/series; 48/month. Discounts available for current students
Space is limited… Call or email to reserve your space.
(360) 318-4433 / artbaner@gmail.com


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