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Tune to the Possible…

Our minds are much like radio receivers… we have the choice to focus on (listen to) whatever we wish. 

I have long been an advocate of alternate media as most main stream sources are quite obviously limited in their perspectives. That said, I realized the other day that I had been reading a lot of alternative material lately which, while more factually accurate, was still pretty negative.

There’s a place for news that is disturbing and challenging just as its important to know if you’re walking into a busy intersection and in danger of being hit. But once we have that knowledge its more important to stay focused on solutions, possibilities, and actions that inspire. 

This can be a challenging focus to maintain these days, but we enter this life-affirming state every time we practice our qigong or Taiji or sit down to meditate. I believe it is our opportunity, and perhaps responsibility as practitioners of these arts to extend this affirmative state of mind into more and more moments of our daily lives. 

In doing so, it becomes easier to recognize and work with opportunities for positive change when they arise and, as the saying goes, “We are ever surrounded by insurmountable opportunities.”

A few suggestions for enhancing your possibility thinking on a daily basis: 

1. Turn off the news and get more in touch with the still, peaceful content of your own mind.
2. Discipline yourself to exercise and meditate daily. It builds mental, emotional, and physical strength and momentum for greater progress.
3. Keep a daily journal in which you record at least 10 things for which you are grateful or in which you have been successful. This is an awesome tool and produces very positive, though initially subtle, changes in our thought patterns over time. I’ll write more on this in a future post.
4. Take time out from your busy day to simply stand and smile – both to yourself and to your world. Ahhh… that’s nice, isn’t it?

Wishing you a brilliant day!

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The Heart of Qigong: deeper studies…

One of the great things about the internal arts, or those disciplines that seek to cultivate our higher potential as humans, is that the deeper we go with our practice, the more opens up for us. 

Take relaxation for instance. In the beginning, it is often a lot for a practitioner to simply become aware of the tension they hold on a daily basis. Once a basic awareness is established, it becomes a practice of releasing unnecessary tension through breathing, alignment, mental focus, etc. But once a new paradigm of comfort through relaxation is established, worlds can open up as the benefits of that quality become more and more recognized. The only real trick is to keep going…

Likewise, the inner smile practice offers us a profound tool for personal growth and for clearing areas of energetic and emotional blockage. 

Initially, it is often quite an accomplishment to simply find that quality of smiling and appreciation into the three main dantien (energy centers): navel, heart, and forehead. Once this has become relatively easy, a new door opens up. This practice can become very effective in clearing away areas of physical, emotional, and mental imbalance. 

The first dantien (navel) is associated with the things of the earth or physical. It controls concerns for the material world, assimilating experience, and deriving the nourishment we require for our bodies. The third dantien (forehead) is associated with “heaven” or spiritual. It controls our higher aspirations in awareness, perception, and understanding. And the second dantien (heart) is where those two come together in our human-ness. It controls the areas of emotion, relationship, and connection on a feeling level. It also relates to our sense of courage and determination. 

Working with the inner smile in these areas, especially when various issues arise, can be a very powerful process in bringing us to a higher state of balance with our true self and with our deeper purpose of being here. 

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