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Welcome to Full Circle Internal Arts

The internal arts offer us wonderful opportunities for enhancing our health, fitness, and personal/spiritual growth. Such practices are more important than ever in these days of rapid, often dramatic change and can assist us in all aspects of our lives.

My name is Art Baner. I am an experienced and enthusiastic instructor of several martial and healing arts. On this site you’ll find extensive information, resources, and classes about all things related to the internal arts – most specifically: Taijiquan, qigong, meditation, and the various applications of hypnotherapy (coming soon).

The purpose of this site is to support people who are actively cultivating their higher potential not only for themselves but also for the well being of those around them. Please have a look around, sign up for my newsletter, and drop me a line or two if you like. You can also visit my Integrative Bodywork website and schedule an appointment if you are in the Bellingham, Wa area.

Wishing you clear minds and happy hearts.

~ Art Baner